29 June, 2008

WRIST - sign language for restaurants

This is fairly amusing.

I especially like 5 and 6:

6) Perhaps the most famous WRIST gesture is when customers take it upon themselves to sign a giant invisible cheque in the air. For centuries this has meant: 'Can I have the bill and go home, please?' These days this action is so archaic, it's almost amusing. In the UK, the correct World Restaurant International Style Technique for requesting your bill now means holding your hands apart, as if your are requesting a parrot-sized coffin. Now stab the palm of your hand four times with a finger, simulating the act of punching in your PIN number.

7) Grimace and repeatedly thump your lightly perspiring forehead with clenched fists. This means: 'What in the name of crikey is my pin number again?'

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