17 June, 2008

St Anthony, Friday 13th, Irish 'no' vote.... coincidence?

Ironically, 13th June was the Feast day of St Anthony.

Where's the irony? Well, his full name is St Anthony of Padua, but he is the patron saint of Lisbon.

Oh, and he's also the patron saint of things lost.

I think the EU should have arranged the Irish referendum for a different date if they wanted to win!

Hat tip: Archbishop Cranmer

ps: The debate on whether ROI should allow its expats to vote in Irish elections is also an interesting one. It's the second time I've read about it in the past week - does this suggest that something might be changing soon?


Anonymous said...

An off topic Strange but true story:

My Maternal Grandfather, fighting in WW1, went missing; my Grandmother, not yet married to my Grandfather, but obviously worried SICK, and bieng a good Italian Catholic, went to church every SINGLE day to pray for his safe return.
His name was Anthony,and He was found on St Anthonys Day. He was the only survivor in a trench which had been gassed......

Miss Middle of Manchester said...

Not at all off topic, St Anthony's remit obviously extends past the usual single sock, biro when you need one and keys situation...

Now, as I'm looking for a harddrive case, "Dear St Anthony, please help me..."