06 June, 2008

Free money for you, from me.

Well, despite my last post, I've just written over 500 words in 20 minutes.

I've never had red bull whilst sober before but it really is quite effective, isn't it!

OK, so, admittedly, that 500 words is all introduction and background, but nevertheless, it makes me feel far more productive and means I've at least started reading my instructions.

I have every intention of finishing the employment opinion before the weekend is over. I am willing to take bets on that not happening.

Actually, having just typed that last sentence, I have a rather wonderful idea. I can't remember if I wrote a blog post on the Freakonomics article where someone auctioned off their smoking, if I didn't, it's here.

On the same principle, therefore, but without the auction. I must have my employment opinion assessment finished and be able to send it to anyone* who asks for it by 8pm this Sunday evening (8th June 2008) or I will pay each of the first 5 commentators to sign up the handsome sum of £5/€6/US$9 (subject to me actually being able to send non-UK currencies on the internet) or any equivalent (beer, cake, books, 'other services' (ahem) etc) which we negotiate in advance. You have until 10am (UK time) Sunday to sign up. This is not a unilateral offer, I can withdraw it at any time, I just suspect I will be too embarrassed to withdraw it if I fail.

This offer stops existing at all if, for a reason outside of my control, I cannot complete the assignment by the specified time. Reasons could include, but are not limited to, illness, severe and wretched hangover lasting more than 12 hours, power cuts etc etc.

If you are a member of my BVC institution, I obviously cannot send it to you, you'll just have to trust me, instead.


Alex said...

I'll definately take up my £5 as "other services" although I'm not quite sure what we can achieve quite so long distance.

Miss Middle of Manchester said...

Innuendo aside, I could could offer proof reading services? Evidence on this blog to the contrary, I'm fairly good at seeing other people's mistakes...

Very pretty cards, by the way. Will write back soon, just checking dates with The Boy.

Miss Middle of Manchester said...

Oh, and was that comment an acceptance, btw?

jkb said...

If you're judging at Euros, that's where my £5 can be 'spent'. On good decisions.

Alex said...

Actually what I would most like would be the promise of one phone call's worth of legal advice to redeem at any point in my life I see fit, assuming that it is ethical with the bar people / law society or whatever. And I will even try to read it when you send it to me, though I can't garantee I'll get all the way through if it's not thrilling enough

Amy said...

Yes I would like my £5 please...not that I think you'll be doing it Monday morning or anything. And I think you need to increase the amount for the portfolio...I'm thinking 20? It is for your benefit after all.

Miss Middle of Manchester said...

Alex, assuming there aren't any prof. con issue I'm unaware of, I promise that in the future I will give you (if I am qualified to do so) one phone call of advice for the royal sum of £5. How's that?

Swiss Tony said...

Midsy, what about £5 worth of your delicious biscuits?

Miss Middle of Manchester said...


my currant plan is to finish Employment by Sunday, do portfolio on Monday and then have Tuesday, Weds and Thursday for my PI opinion.

It means if any of my portfolio is missing, I have 4 days to sort it out.

If this works for employment (and by work, I mean I don't have to pay any of you!) then I think I'll do it for everything else, too!

Miss Middle of Manchester said...

I think I might change the deal, very slightly.

I can afford £25. If people are opting for 'other services', there will still be 5 money slots left.

So far, therefore, we have:
1. Alex: legal advice in the future
2. JKB: good judging at some point (can't really promise that, but we can try and negotiate something on the 'donate a motion' front, if you'd like?)
3. Amy - £5
5. Swiss Tony - £5 of biscuits (I will spend £5 on ingredients and postage)

So far, therefore, there are 3 money spaces left (as I count ST as one of them!)

Swiss Tony said...

Mudsy, I hadn't read the question properly, but now I have I don't even know what an employment law opinion is and if the one you do is going to be any good, but can we agree that if I am bowled over at your brilliance I can still get £5 worth of biscuits? I fancy the messy ones.


ps Have you noticed how your blog has all of a sudden become very busy!

Miss Middle of Manchester said...

ST, still not good enough on the nickname :)

Yes, I'd noticed the busy-ness - strange how that happens! I'll publish the stats is get from Google analytics tomorrow, if I remember!

An opinion is where the solicitor has written to a barrister to ask for their advice. When you answer problem questions in your law exams, you're effectively doing a form of opinion, just with more law and sitting on the fence than a 'real' opinion.

An employment law opinion is therefore just an opinion where the brief is to do with employment. In this case, the dismissal of a pregnant woman and I am asked to advise whether there is a claim and how likely it is to succeed.

If you are that keen to have biscuits, I can arrange to send you some anyway, if you'd like? I can't promise royal mail will get them to you before they've evolved into a new life for, however, unfortunately!

Swiss Tony said...

Missy, Oh, just like an exam question then. I suggest that she is fired for being careless, and it saves on maternity pay. Sorted. Who needs the BVC when I am that good already.

Seeing as you are a poor student type, but expert at biscuits, and I am partial to a biccie or two, is the deal that I pay you £5 if you complete your work on time, (and I would like a copy just so that I can see what the BVC will turn me into), and I will also pay you £5 for ingredients for a biscuit fest in your kitchen? If you fail to provide a suitable opinion in which the hapless women gets sacked, then you just send me some broken biscuits and the deals a good'un? I am happy with that if you are.

I will be away all of next week, sweating over an exam table myself, so seeing as it looks like I will be getting some biscuits either way, do your best, good luck, and tally ho.


Miss Middle of Manchester said...

No, you can't make a loss on this.

The incentive is not a positive one for me to complete the work (as I already have that, in theory), it is a negative incentive to mean if I don't complete the work, bad things will happen.

If I complete the work on time, I don't lose any money/services and you don't gain anything.

If I don't complete on time, I have to pay out.

If you would like a copy of a BVC opinion, I can easily send you through the one I handed in for my mock? Just let me know.

Android said...

I cannot believe you are actually doing this :)) Get yourself together, Now! You could have written half of your opinion instead of this post + comments! (I am trying to be motivational) :)

Miss Middle of Manchester said...

Of course I'm doing this - whilst I have full faith in my ability to procrastinate through the second coming, I have even greater faith in my greed and my desire not to lose money. For some reason, loss is a greater incentive than gain.

Thank you for the motivation. You'll be pleased to know I have finished my background and am now just starting my reading!

Android said...

I hope it works for you!

P.s. I've done 1,779 words on my Chancery Opinion ;P

Miss Middle of Manchester said...

Andro, I don't like swearing in writing (it seems too contrived), so I won't. But that probably sums up my response!

Marc_Newcomb said...

I am so in on this. Biscuit me up.