17 June, 2008

Mr X... again! (more BVC gossip)

You will recall the previous tales of the adventures of Mr X.

Well, it turns out that his tastes have now (ahem) matured.

How? I hear you cry! Well, the last time we heard of him in the blogosphere, he was sleeping his way through the BVC cohort of students. Now, he's moved onto the other members of staff.

My old SGS tutor no less!

Salacious indeed, no?


Android said...

I hope he finds happiness and settles down. He just looks really lonely... :)

P.s. Is this another bvc gossip, or were there any credible witnesses? ;D :O

Miss Middle of Manchester said...

I heard it from MC and A who saw it with their own eyes!

Solid enough evidence for me! :-)

Android said...

OMG! Poor MC & A.. :)

Miss Middle of Manchester said...

I know! I saw them both yesterday and they report that they are still traumatised by it!