08 June, 2008

The Employment opinion

Ladies, Gentlemen, Gingers, Russians and Minxes:

I am pleased and proud to announce that the opinion is finished to a degree I consider adequate for the bet I placed with you all.

By this, I mean that the only thing outstanding is a bit of proof reading and to double check the cases I used are still in force.

Tune in for a new bet for next Wednesday for the PI opinion....

If anyone requires proof of the finished thing, please leave a comment :)


Android said...

Wooo! You've done it!!! :) Congrats!

I have a feeling that you're going to finish both of your opinions before me, AGAIN! :)

I must say, though - my portfolio is finished, so I can spend all of the next week 'opinionating' (what a great prospect).

Miss Middle of Manchester said...

My portfolio is scarcely started, all I have is the DVDs. Intending to do the background for my PI tomorrow, and do the portfolio as much as I can.

Anonymous said...

*Round of applause* Well done MM! :) I tip my virtual hat to you for tackling a subject that I personally find completely VILE !! (I blame this on a hideous tutor at my local seat of learning)

You lot up there have a really posh way of describing your personal development file! ( I finished mine 30 MINS before it was due in!!!)

Miss Middle of Manchester said...

Well, you know what Manchester is like - we're all as posh as anything up here, don't you know, dah-ling, rah!

We also just call it 'the blue folder' which is significantly less posh, but has many more characters when typing!

I intend to start (the complete work of fiction that will become) my portfolio today, but I'm not sure I have the heart!

Alex said...

re: Ladies, Gentlemen, Gingers, Russians and Minxes

I don't normally use language-debasing slang, but never before have I been in such an appropriate position to write: LOL

Miss Middle of Manchester said...

Ha ha, glad you enjoyed :)

Swiss Tony said...

Miss Kipling,

Having returned from my exam excursion I am pleased to see that I am due some biscuits. I have a cup of coffee besides me on my desk and its too wet without something to dunk.

So what do we do now? Have you got an email I can contact you on, pay my bet and sort out what happens with the delivery.


Miss Middle of Manchester said...


I'm afraid that because I finished it on time, I don't have to pay up. That was the incentive for me to finish it :)

You will have to continue to consume you tea without biscuits, I'm afraid.

Swiss Tony said...

Missy, you do make me sound like a complete twonk.

I owe you £5 for finishing it on time, and I was also going to buy biccies from you, donating £5 for ingredients.

Whilst I could pop over the road to Tescos and buy some from them, I somehow feel that your broken soggy biscuits would be better. (Not for my waistline though)

Anyway, up to you. I just didn't want you thinking I was welching (can I say that with Minxy around) on a bet.

Miss Middle of Manchester said...


my apologies! I just completely misunderstood.

You can email me at:

darla1753 (at) gmail (dot) com

and we can sort out details there :)