25 June, 2008

Manchester A - top room

Manchester A are in the top room for round 5, suggesting that they won round 4.

This would put them on +2/10pts.


(Room info courtesy of: http://yourgermancorrespondent.blogspot.com/2008/06/motion-r5-eudc-2008.html)


Al said...

You just wait till round 6... capital punishment for bike thieves. Sadly, irony will make it so that Dan has to opp that one and give the worst speech of his life.

"But... it's unoppable..."

Miss Middle of Manchester said...


Or, it'll be gender and he's rubbish at channelling me!

Miss Middle of Manchester said...

He lacks the righteous indignation necessary to make a decent gender point.

Miss Middle of Manchester said...


Can I point out that we have several threads across multiple blogs and three different email threads on the go between us as well as a facebook group.

We need to get out more.

Al said...

Get out more!??! I'm getting paid £20k pro rata to discuss debating with you!!!

*Though I concede that I listened to that R2 debate last night on my own time, indeed, forcing Jayna to go to bed alone while I listened. There may be priority issues here

Miss Middle of Manchester said...

I wish I could have seen her face!

The Boy is pissed off enough with me for not doing anything all day whilst he's at work yet still blogging in the evening when he returns...