24 June, 2008

EUDC 2008: Euros Results (day 1): Confirmed MDU results

I am grateful to Dan James for sending the following results through:

MDU A: Dan/James: 1st 1st 2nd
MDU C: Tom/Kenny: 3rd1st 3rd
MDU B: Klairi/Usama: 4th 2nd 1st

This puts:
MDU A on 8 points, or plus 2
MDU C on 5 points, or minus 1
MDU B on 5 points, or minus 1

I suspect the 'definite break' will be plus 1. Straights might do it though, if speaks are high enough.


Al said...

A couple of teams will get through on straights

Miss Middle of Manchester said...

Analysis on that is?

Al said...

Yep, you spotted the lack of analysis well: you'd make a good judge. It's purely based on the historical evidence that generally, a few teams get through on speaks at a tournament of this size with this size break: for example, last year's euros.

Miss Middle of Manchester said...

Usually, straights will get you through any tournament, sure. And that rule applies at worlds.

But I thought Euros this year was especially large, and I thought Euros only broke to quarters. Two factors which would seem to merit raising the bar.

Got a copy of last years Euros tab anywhere, btw? I can't be arsed to look for one to see if I'm right!

Al said...

Yeah, a whopping two team broke on straights last time round, the tab is on Jens' blog, if you go back to 2007.