18 June, 2008

Free Schools

I very much support the idea of 'free schools'.

To, very briefly, steal the Economist definition of what one is (as it's useful):

"allow pretty much anyone who satisfies basic standards to open a new school and take in children at the state's expense. The local municipality must pay the school what it would have spent educating each child itself—a sum of SKr48,000-70,000 ($8,000-12,000) a year, depending on the child's age and the school's location. Children must be admitted on a first-come, first-served basis—there must be no religious requirements or entrance exams. Nothing extra can be charged for, but making a profit is fine."

The Telegraph had an equally good article today, also supporting the schools, but also explaining why implementing them (as is Tory policy) needs to be done fast.

I also agree that the schools should be allowed to make a profit. Cameron's concession to the teaching establishment (who are the type of people who, if asked to compare Hitler and a person who thought making a profit was ok, would sit on the fence) that under a British model schools wouldn't be allowed to make a profit undermines the very incentive to set up a school and make it successful in the first place.

I would run this as a motion, but I can't think of three opposition points!

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