26 June, 2008

EUDC 2008: The Book


My bid for the ENL final is: KCL A, Oxford A, UCD Law A and UCC Law A.

My bid for the ESL final is: Leiden A, Tilbury for sure. I'm afraid I don't know about the others so I'll run with their breaking position and take BBU A and Tel Aviv A.

What nationality are BBU, by the way?

Any bets?


can okar said...

Just so that my predictions are posted in the right place:

I'm going to predict Leiden, BBU, HSoG and Tilbury for the ESL final. Adam and Alena won the 7tepe open the other week and should be able to slam this motion into the ground from 1O. Tilbury should then be in a good position to clear up the new material on the short diagonal.

As for BBU, Dan and Nicoleta have been very active this year and should enjoy taking on the Leiden girls. Dan is particularly good at coming up with interesting side-points which should give him extensionable material after Bona inevitably take a lot of material.

And for the main break, let's go for Oxford A, KCL A, Oxford B and UCC Law A. I think Will and James should prop this rather well and the debate is likely to follow them until JLM stands up and takes it to parts. In the other room, I've plumped for a second half debate as I reckon Alex Worsnip will propose an interesting extension and salvage the prop only for Art and Tiernan to point out the ludicrous nature of what they're saying.

Or I could just say I pulled these out of my ass and be done with it.

Al said...

Oxford A *should* get there on talent but I think 1st prop could be a tough one for the semi. However, I'll go for them anyway and let's follow the crowd and put KCL there too.

In fact, i'm going to go crazy and go for Oxford B AND D from the other semi, even though I just said that 1p was hard.

So Oxfords A, B and D for the final with KCL and Oxford A to win the whole thing.

Miss Middle of Manchester said...

This is the type of motion Will and James would seem to be especially good at.

I agree JLM will just wave his usual magic wand.

I've gone for Tiernan and Art because I like them :) but I don't think this is really their strongest subject, I'll admit. They would have a preferred a healthy jurisprudence issue.

Ross and Marguerite I've actually rarely seen debate, but everything I know about them suggests that again, on talent, they should do it.
Leiden are very good and should do it on talent alone.
Tilbury are pretty strong on economics, and I think Assen and Felix are especially so.
The others, as I said, I selected from where the broke rather than knowing them as teams/people.

Damn, other people analyse predicted breaks far more than 'heck, my favourite teams and some gut feeling' approach.

can okar said...

Oh, btw BBU are Babes Bolyai from Romania. Very good team, semi'd at Paris and were competitive at a tough Amsterdam open. I rate them!

Miss Middle of Manchester said...

Then I feel all the better for choosing them :)

What are we saying as the wager? Or honour only?

Lee Daly said...

I am going for UCD L&H A, UCC Phil A, UCC Law A and UCD Law A :-)

Lee Daly said...

and I should add my rationale is simple

800 YEARS!!!!!!


Al said...

Lee's rationale seems pretty solid to me. I do hope I'm wrong, actually, I have predicted a pretty dull final (though I do think Alex W and Shengwu+Ben could do well because of the motion)

Miss Middle of Manchester said...

I still maintain that it wasn't 800 years which create the oppression but the fact we never gave you guys Pimms whilst out we were out there!

Well, if it's an all Irish final, I will send you a potato to celebrate ;)

Lee Daly said...

In fairness I think its a little bit late for the potatoes now...


Miss Middle of Manchester said...

Oh well :)

In that case, Mr Lee Daly.

If there is an all Irish final, I will give you one one litre bottle of Pimms.

If there is not an all Irish final, you owe me a bottle of Baileys.

Game? Tell me by 9am London time tomorrow. :)

can okar said...


Given that the finals are being announced right now, you might want to reconsider offering the bet until 9am tomorrow morning!

Miss Middle of Manchester said...

Crap, didn't see :(

oh well, bet off.

Can okar said...

I do believe I win?

I got 3/4 for both finals, Liz got 2/4 and 2/4 and Lee, oh dear - nul points.

I'm going to be boring and say Oxford A and Leiden to take the trophies!

Miss Middle of Manchester said...

We can be boring together as I agree

can okar said...

Oooooh, didn't notice Al's full house for the ENL. He wins that one fair and square but should have used that expertise to judge the ESL as well to take the overall award.

Still though, perhaps I can use you to judge remotely at Worlds - for you, no hassle of travelling and for me, less expense to fly you out! :P

Lee Daly said...

Only saw the bet just now, and I am glad given my Irish temper as well as my love of both booze and gambling would have compelled me to accept.

Miss Middle of Manchester said...

Lee: Damn, I was foiled. if it wasn't for those pesky kids and fabled Irish luck...

Can: I am quite determined to make it out for Koc Worlds so I'm afraid won't be able to remote judge and will have to judge in person instead. Is that ok? I'm sure I can bully Jayna into letting Al come, too :)

Al said...

Can: I can judge remotely for worlds right now if you like. Here's your winner: Monash A. There you go.