26 June, 2008

Names Quarter Finals

Thought it might be useful to name who was who in the quarters as team names don't say much.


1G Oxford C (8) (Max Kasriel and Jamie Susskind)
1O UCD L & H A (9) (Stephan Boyle and Ian Boyle Harper)
2G Oxford A (1) (Will Jones and James Dray)
2O TCD Phil B (16) (Brian O'Beirne and Jonathon Wyse)

Judges: Daniel McCarthy (Chair), Derek Doyle, Isabelle Loewe, Stuart Anderson, David Middlemiss

QF 2
1G Cambridge B (7) (Netan Dogra and Charlotte Thomas)
1O ULU B (10) (Fred Cowell and Rosie Unwin)
2G UCC Law A (15) (Art Ward and Tiernan Fitzgibbon)
2O Oxford B (2) (Alex Worshnip and Simon Quinn)

Judges: Ali Cormack (Chair), Adriaan Andringa, Andy Hume, Kirsty Russell, David Wheelan

QF 3
1G UCD Law A (6) (Ross Maguire and Marguerite Carter)
1O UCD Law B (14) (Shane Cranley and Eoin Martin)
2G Oxford D (11) (not listed?)
2O Manchester A (3) (Dan Bradley and James Dixon)

Judges: Daniel Schut (Chair), Sam Block, Ewan MacDonald, Tony Murphy, Olga Polunina

QF 4
1G Leiden A (4) (Leela Koenig and Simon van Elk)
1O KCL A (12) (Jonathan Leader Maynard and Louis Palombo)
2G Helsinki A (13) (Richard Penny and Ina Subulica)
2O UCC Phil A (5) (Ross Frenet and Conor O'Brian)

Judges: Greg O'Neill (Chair), Felicity Cook, Neil Dewar, Andrew Marshall, Bob Nimmo

Motion: "This House would ban the broadcast of recordings produced by terrorists."

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