20 June, 2008

Trauma! Upset! Panic! Disaster!

All of the above.

My computer died last night.

It had been making funny whirring noises from the space where the hard drive lives all day.

I thought I might get away with it because it had made the same funny noises once before, a month ago. But alas, it was not to be.

The final straw for the poor thing was me trying to back up all my files: Starts ok, so I go away and come back 5 minutes later to blue screen of death. When I exit blue screen, computer has decided hard drive doesn't exist.

I'm wondering whether to take it down to the police, tell them that there's kiddie porn on it and then get them to lift whatever data remains. Suspect it might be a somewhat high risk strategy though.

So now I'm on the crappy desktop (yes, we're the house that has 3 complete computers in it and various parts for other computers knocking around, whilst only two of us live here) which actually belongs to The Boy. Have spent the morning merrily 'tidying' his files, deleting all of his irrelevant bookmarks, replacing them with far more relevant book marks.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ms M,
Did you take poor Lappie to the PC hospital, only to be told he was beyond redemption? O Woe! (*cue much wringing of tear stained tissues*) My sincere sympathies!!
( I am taking my laptop for a brain transplant because, well, its thick. Actually, its more than a bit thick - its thicker than the thickest thick thing ever to come off Thick Street)

Miss Middle of Manchester said...

Didn't take laptop to hospital as I knew doctor would say "broken beyond repair, that'll be £100 please". thank god for the internet and multiple computers, it means I can try and get mine back and working as far as possible.

Just gone out and bought a new hard drive (admittedly my old one was too small). Have a legit windows product key but appear to have lost the CD. Am now diving into the murky world of linux to see if it works as a replacement for. Does it get any more geeky than this?!

(Actually, if anyone has a spare Windows XP home edition (not professional) that I could borrow, I'll love you forever...)

Marc_Newcomb said...

Damn your links, now you've got me addicted to that game.

Miss Middle of Manchester said...

You know its really bad when you find yourself watching youtube clips to improve your score... not that I would ever have done that of course. Ahem.