15 December, 2008

Geekiness, green envy and gin

I can possibly forgive Virgin the hell they have put me through returning to London over the past few months as the Sunday journey time is now the same as any other day of the week - 2 hours, instead of 5.

Few blog posts as work a bit manic at the moment (and I was covering a hearing this weekend) and too little time. Boo hoo.

Pupillage situation (ie none) still sucky. Especially as I meet this year's crop of successes. They're lovely people, I'm just too green with envy.

Fundamental question on my mind at the moment is that given I will be spending new year in Ireland, and the Euro-Pound is E1=£1 and wine in Ireland is c E10 per bottle - do I take 2 x port, 1 x gin or vice versa - or some other combination?

Answers on the back of a postcard....!

02 December, 2008


Just got back from spending a weekend in Prague (with the Boy, not debating).

Was great fun :)

If you go, I do recommend doing one of the walking tours for one of the mornings, our guide was fantastic and it meant we got lots of extra anecdotes.

Hotel was great (5 mins from Josefov, the Old Town Square and Wenceslas square) and I hava e anew found love for Bohemiam Sekt and Moravian red wines... I'm not a beer drinker or I would have stayed on the Pilsner, I'm sure :)

Weather was fantastic (it was colder in Manchester when we arrived back yesterday!).

I wasn't so impressed with the Chirstmas markets. Whilst the ones in Germany are, of course, the best, the ones in Prague had piles of tat a lot of the time. Though the hot mead hit the spot as did a funny curly cake which was grilled over an open fire on a wooden rolling pin, not baked (trdlo - though God only knows how you pronounce that!) I was far less impressed with most of the other things on offer. that said, we did get an angel for the top of our Christmas tree, so it ca't have been all bad!