29 June, 2009

Portal down?

Anyone else noticed pupillage portal down?

I'm getting the message to the left when I go to www.pupillage.com

Redirect Loop

Redirection limit for this URL exceeded. Unable to load the requested page. This may be caused by cookies that are blocked.

The browser has stopped trying to retrieve the requested item. The site is

redirecting the request in a way that will never complete.

* Have you disabled or blocked cookies required by this site?

* NOTE: If accepting the site's cookies does not resolve the problem, it is probably a server configuration issue and not your computer.

27 June, 2009

Sound Advice

I received a message from my boss last night wishing me luck for today, with the following message:


Same advice as to witnesses:

Listen carefully to the questions and be honest with them!


I thought it was a lovely analogy (especially as much of my job is chatting/preparing the witnesses before they give evidence).

Now I just need to make sure I come up to proof :)

26 June, 2009

On Mourning Celebrities

Yes, he was talented. Yes, he broke new ground. Yes, it's sad when anyone dies.

But really, unless you are a family or friend, why on earth are you in floods of tears/joining a support group/setting up a shrine?

"Oh no, that's a shame. I wonder if anyone will make a joke about [insert here]" would seem a far more usual approach.

JK Rowling dying before Book 7 came out would have been upsetting. Obviously, it would be sad that she had died (again, because she is a person and it's always sad when a person dies) but it would be annoying because we would never have known the end of the series.

I wonder if I am a bad human being?

23 June, 2009

Double fingers crossed

More good news today!

Let's hope that one will be good practice for the other. I'm having absurdly unrealistic fantasies about possible outcomes.

Any spare digits, please cross.

21 June, 2009

Poptarts and debating

Debating tip #56: Use your POPTART.

20 June, 2009

Ethics Questions

I'm busy cramming for the upcoming interview (having forgotten that areas such as 'contract' even existed) and so am sorting the legal knowledge for myself, have got my supervisor at work to run through with 'fluff HR questions' with me (eg: dinner party, biggest weakness, why the bar) but would like your collective opinions on two ethics questions. I don't think there is necessarily any 'right' answer, I would just like to know your thoughts.

1. You are prosecuting in the crown court. One of the jurors is wearing a 'I (heart) the BNP - whites rule' t-shirt (or similar). What do you do in the following scenarios (is your answer different in any of them):

a: A white man is accused of raping a white woman (ie: a crime with no race element and where a race element could not be perceived)

b: A black man is accused of raping a white woman (a crime with the potential to be perceived to have a race element)

c: A white man is accused of racially aggrevated assault towards his asian neighbour as it is said that he yelled a racist comment to his neighbour in the middle of a dispute in which he also spat on his neighbour. (ie: a crime where race is an inherent aspect of the offence).

2. You are prosecuting. The defendant is unrepresented. You have learned of a number of mitigating factors which the defendant fails to put forwards himself. To what extent are you obliged to put forward those matters on his behalf and how would you go about doing so?

Let's assume that 'asking a senior member of chambers' or 'phoning the Bar ethics hotline' are not options.

I know what I think my answers would be, but I would like to have them confirmed!

Thank you for your thoughts.

09 June, 2009

Pupillage progress

Well, after even more rejections over the past week (including a few of the ones I especially wanted) have just got a first round interview with one of my top ones! Whoop :)

Most happy and far less cynical with the whole process now!

All fingers and toes crossed, please!

04 June, 2009

Debating tip on IR

...Courtesy of The Onion, here is an example of the easiest way to win an international relations round.


Well, it turns out not everyone hates me.

I have just been told I have been successful at the telephone interview stage for a job and have been invited to the assessment centre.

Fingers crossed.

That, and another pupillage form submitted. This one has been my favourite so far for ease of lay out - I was able to C+P my CV into most of it an the 'free writing' sections had suitably broad, yet sensible questions with no word limit.

Toes crossed too.

03 June, 2009

Points mean prizes

Well, I have accumulated 7 rejections over the past 2-3 weeks, a mixture of OLPAS and non-OLPAS.

Will review the rejections soon - some I genuinely like far more than others.

I think (though I seem to have lost track!) I have 9 applications outstanding at the moment. I also have two half completed which I need to submit.

How are you all doing on the win/lose/draw front? Many interviews? If so, at the moment, sod off and leave me (and others) to our collective misery!

The worst thing is the people who ask, and are trying to be nice, how the hunt is going. Damn them.

Bitter times.