03 June, 2009

Points mean prizes

Well, I have accumulated 7 rejections over the past 2-3 weeks, a mixture of OLPAS and non-OLPAS.

Will review the rejections soon - some I genuinely like far more than others.

I think (though I seem to have lost track!) I have 9 applications outstanding at the moment. I also have two half completed which I need to submit.

How are you all doing on the win/lose/draw front? Many interviews? If so, at the moment, sod off and leave me (and others) to our collective misery!

The worst thing is the people who ask, and are trying to be nice, how the hunt is going. Damn them.

Bitter times.


Law Minx said...

Ms Mids,

Though my own rejection tally counter has yet to commence ( I fully expect it to start either today or tomorrow and run right through next week in a sort of Lemming like effort to be rid of me once and for all) I feel your pain!!!
Just DON'T visit the student room forum - talk about mass boasting! EEEEE!

Anonymous said...

I have 1 int (olpas), and about 15 or 16 outstanding apps. This includes grt james st, Ely place, 2 hare court and 2 paper who have sent out their interviews already so I am clearly supposed to know psycicly I have been rejcted. Its awful now i have learned you dont get a rejection email BUT i refuse to be chained to the portal, what will be will be we must all remember that!!!

barmaid said...

Ms M, fear not, I too have no interviews lined up as of yet and am collecting rejections at a rapid rate of knots.