09 June, 2009

Pupillage progress

Well, after even more rejections over the past week (including a few of the ones I especially wanted) have just got a first round interview with one of my top ones! Whoop :)

Most happy and far less cynical with the whole process now!

All fingers and toes crossed, please!


simply wondered said...

duly crossed - i'm delighted for you.

Lost said...

Woo! Well done!

Miss Middle of Manchester said...

Thank you - have just opted for a mid morning slot

Law Minx said...

OOO Ms Mids!!!!

Good LUCK and much positive KARMA!!!!! I am sorry I'm so late with a comment, life has been a bit odd recently!

Has the interview yet to happen or has it happened and if it HAS happened, how did it go?! EXCELLENTLY well, I hope!! :)

Miss Middle of Manchester said...

The interview is yet to happen - I am busy swotting up on all sorts of areas of law I had forgotten existed having becmoe used to the little law bubble in which I currently work!

People at The Firm being very helpful and offering with interview prep, firing random quetions at me etc. Having access to cases and the updates to other departments is also very useful.

Mind you, all this preparation is doing nothing to lower the terror levels of the butterflies building up!

Android said...

Well done!! Good luck for the interview!