19 June, 2008

Firefox 3.0

Just downloaded the new Firefox 3.0.

Love the new zoom function. Ironically, was looking for it yesterday on the old version and couldn't find it - think Mozilla corp. is reading my mind!

Not yet so sure about the 'guess what you mean' address bar. I can see how it would be useful if you can't remember the name of a site, but if I type in "thi" it used to take me to the main page of this blog. Now it makes a million suggestions and I have to scroll. Firefox say that it does learn your preferences over time, so maybe this'll fix soon. If it learns quickly, I can definitely see how it would be useful.


UPDATE: actually, it's already learned. This time when I typed it, the main page was the first option. Clever browser :-)

1 comment:

Android said...

I'm still getting used to it! I don't like that there is no 'Go' button in the address bar when the page has loaded. :(