06 June, 2008

Lack of Motivation

Damn, I'm worried about my complete inability to motivate myself if I'm not being paid.

Pick up my options exams about 4 days after everyone else had picked up theirs because I couldn't be bothered to walk to uni.

Now, I got up early this morning to order to do my work. So far, I've gone to the post office, made biscuits, re-potted several plants, watered the rest of the plants, put in the washing, hung up the washing, hoovered and am now browsing twitter etc.

My work is sitting on the desk next to me, unopened.

Oh dear.

Oh well, at least one prayer was answered! My two options are Employment and Personal Injury. I was worried we would have conference or negotiation for them but - thankfully - we have two opinions. (Unlike the rest of the BVC cohort, I quite enjoy opinion writing.).

So to mimic Law Minx's style, dear blogwatchers, can anyone think of a way in which I can motivate myself to do this work when I still have a whole week in which to do it?!


Asp said...

Nope, I'm trying to find a suitable method myself.

Occasionally, I get a flash of inspiration and do, oh, 5 minutes revision ;)

Miss Middle of Manchester said...

5 minutes of work for 5 hours of messing around. If only I could do that, I would increase the amount of work I did each day by 24 minutes!

Alex said...

Get Andrew to take your modem/router away from you while you work could be a good start, i used to do that to stop myself from idly surfing while trying to work

Miss Middle of Manchester said...

It helps for a short while, unfortunately, as many of the texts and cases I need are online (as I don't have my own cope) I genuinely need the internet!

Might work in the living room this evening and make The Boy wear earphones. That way, when he looks up from the TV/X-box, he can see I'm not doing work which should guilt me.

Suspect the money motivation on my other post may be enough. I hope.

Android said...

Your excel table of predicted grades is pretty motivational I think :))

Miss Middle of Manchester said...

The problem is that they are too unpredictable (no pun intended) so they don't motivate me as they should!

Android said...

Anyway, what are you doing on your blog when you should be working ;)