21 June, 2008

Dramatis Personae

This blog seems to have started as a purely debating blog, moved swiftly onto currant affairs and has more recently become much more personal. Whilst many of you know me in real life, for those that don't, it seems apt to give a little information about the people I mention on here, and I'm likely to mention more in the future.

Miss Middle of Manchester - me. But my ego wouldn't let me leave it off. (Former) BVC student, currently unemployed, debating geek and CA of two future IVs next term.

The Boy - Miss Middle of Manchester's boyfriend/partner. Cohabitation is a pain when it comes to terms of referral! He is a __________ who works just south of Manchester. Expert on Excel and all other overly geeky computer programmes. also, currently my only means of financial support

The Fish - they die at intervals. I'm thinking of setting up a label to mark their deaths

Andropov - was a former member of both my original SGS group as well as my options group.

The Ginger - Also known as Al (formally known to me as Alex. It's all terribly confusing!) when he replies to posts. Used to debate lots, now suspect he only reads this blog because he wants to win the IVs which I set the motions for :)

MC + A: MC and A are actually two people, but seeing as we gossip together most of the time, can usually be referred to together. Excellent sources of salacious gossip. They were in my former SGS group and, alongside Andropov, are the only people I actually still talk to.

The Aunt - whilst I have 3 Aunts, I suspect I'll be blogging whilst I'm out in Texas this summer. She's the aunt who lives out there who I'll be staying with. I don't know why I've renamed her as I call her usually by a childhood nickname anyway!

More people will be added where necessity requires....


Al said...

Wow, I'm finally famous! Except that now even Google knows me as 'Al'

Miss Middle of Manchester said...

Corrected :)