26 June, 2008

Named Semis

Regrettably, neither Manchester nor ULU B made it through.

The Named Semi final is therefore:

The pairing for SF 1:
1G Oxford A (Will Jones and James Dray)
1O UCD L&H A (Stephan Boyle and Ian Boyle Harper)
2G UCC Phil A (Ross Frenet and Conor O'Brian)
2O KCL A (Jonathan Leader Maynard and Louis Palombo)

The pairing for SF 2:
1G Oxford D (un-listed)
1O UCD Law A (Ross Maguire and Marguerite Carter)
2G Oxford B (Alex Worshnip and Simon Quinn)
2O UCC Law A (Art Ward and Tiernan Fitzgibbon)


can okar said...

Just so that ESL gets the same naming treatment:

1G BDU B (Ehmann Patrick and Daniel Hinkeldein)
1O Bonaparte B (Sarie Muijs and Reinier de Adelhart Toorop)
2G Leiden A (Leela Koenig and Simone Van Elk)
2O BBU A (Dan Cristea and Nico Lupea)

1G Tel Aviv A (Yoni Cohen and Rinat Gershfeld)
1O HSoG A (Adam Hildebrandt and Alena Asyamova)
2P Tilbury A (Felix Lamouroux and Assen Kochev)
2O Warwick A (Hanns Koenig and Anna Diofasi)

Just for fun, I'm going to predict Leiden, BBU, HSoG and Tilbury for the final.

And for the main break, let's go for Oxford A, KCL A, Oxford B and UCC Law A.

Has anyone got a book on this? :P

Miss Middle of Manchester said...

Can, I'll C+P and put on separate page, if you don't mind? It was merely laziness on my part :)

New page for a book going up, too.