25 June, 2008

EUDC 2008: Motions so far

R1: THW require people to work in return for welfare payments
R2: THBT sporting bodies should penalise teams when their players commit criminal acts off the field
R3: THW use military force where necessary to deliver emergency aid
R4: THW make fines relative to wealth

(For any non debaters reading: THW=This House Would, THBT=This House Believes That) No law for the next couple of days, I'm afraid, just Euros geekery. I'll do a glossary.

All of the motions so far seem fairly solid, nothing too innovative (well, I've done all of them except Round 2 before, and I was going to run R2 at a training session).

None of them are especially IR or knowledge heavy so far either, and we haven't had a 'local' motion...

So far there's been: Social justice, sport/society, IR, criminal justice...

So they still have Estonia/that area of the world, medical ethic, gender, religion, science, another IR... to name but a few.

Whilst I would love these motions (fluff tastic!) I am somewhat surprised by them, I have to say, I would have thought there would be more hardcore/new motions.

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