25 June, 2008

Debate Geekspeak Glossary

I realise that many non-debaters read this blog, so here is a hopeflly helpful phrasebook:

THW/THBT=This House Would/This House Believes That

The positions: There are 4 teams in each debate. Teams cannot be ranked jointly.

EUDC: European Universities Debating Competition

"breaking"- there are 7 'in rounds' where everyone competes. Then the top 16 teams are selected to go into the knockout rounds, the 'out rounds'. This is the break. If you reach the knockout rounds, you've broken. It then goes Quarters, Semis and final with half the teams being knocked out at each stage (the top two teams from each room go through, at this stage)

"Points"- Two ways of doing it: either, +1 point for a 1st, 0 for a 2nd, -1 for a 3rd and -2 for a fourth. You add them up as you go along. So a team with 1st,1st,2nd (also written 112) will be on +1+1+0=+2 over all. 0 is usually referred to as straights.
The alternative way is where 1st=3 points, 2nd=2 points, 3rd=1 point and 4th=zero points. The break at this tournament will likely be 15 points, in my opinion (ie: +1)
I prefer the former method as it doesn't matter how many rounds there are in the tournament, you can still work out the usualy break.

Rounds:- Euros has 7 in rounds (break to quarters). Worlds has 9 (break to octos). Most IV tournaments have 4-5 (break to semis).

IV- Intervarsity (a university level deating competition)

The Tab- is the scoring system. It is merely the computer programme, but also the printed chart. People might say 'the tabs crashed' or 'do yu have a copy of the tab from 2007'.

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