14 June, 2008

The end...?

Now finished the BVC, and I'm not quite sure how I feel.

When I handed in my last piece of work on Friday, part of it was relief, but for the first time in my life, my next move isn't planned. Thoughout school, the plan was to go to the next year. In my last year of school, university. From university, law conversion. From law conversion, BVC. From BVC where I don't have a pupillage....?

I'm going to apply to Legal Practice Clerks as at least it's money for speaking and seems to be a reasonably flexible job. Plus, you can get time knocked off your pupillage which sounds good to me!

I guess for me it's also a bit more weird as all of the friends I made through university and last year and now upping sticks and going to London (and a couple of other cities, too) so it further adds to the feeling of limbo.

Very glad that the people I met on the BVC are still going to be around Manchester.


Law Minx said...

Hi MM,

It's a bloody strange feeling, isnt it, to have reached the end of all and to be faced with the Horizon of Uncertainty, none too sure whether to be relieved its all done and dusted or just a bit deflated.
You strike me as an up beat and postive woman, and one determined to succeed, ahnd in this respect I have every confidence that you will get pupillage.Fact.

Miss Middle of Manchester said...

Ha ha, thank you Law Minx! I admire your positiveness (if that is even a word?).

Just got negotiation marks today, and now think the BVC is a far better course as a result ;)

when is the interview?