26 June, 2008

Named Finals

The ENL final is:

Oxford D (Shengwu Li and Ben Jasper, I think)
Oxford B (Alex Worsnip and Simon Quinn)
Oxford A (Will Jones and James Dray)
KCL A (Jonathan Leader Maynard and Louis Palombo)

Go go JLM!

The ESL final is:

BBU A (Dan Cristea and Nico Lupea)
Leiden A (Leela Koenig and Simone Van Elk)
Tel Aviv A (Yoni Cohen and Rinat Gershfeld)
HSoG A (Adam Hildebrandt and Alena Asyamova)

Go go Leiden!


so our predictions were more accurate for the ESL final than the ENL final....

Bad luck to Ireland

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Al said...

I must get some sort of prize for this. Liz, perhaps you'd like to pay for my honeymoon?