07 June, 2008

My day so far (or, the diary of a chronic procrastinator)

I did the GDL and therefore didn't have time* to do anything but the 7 foundation subjects.

I'd therefore never studied employment law before the BVC. The BVC, quite rightly**, focussed on the more practical side of the subject in terms of procedure etc.

All well and good, but I've just had to spend the whole day** teaching myself the subject from scratch! This is less of a problem than the fact that if I'd learnt it before, I would know the order in which things should be dealt. For example, in tort, it's always: parties, loss/damage, duty of care, breach, causation, forseeability, defences. In employment I'm not quite sure where to start.

Any suggestions would be gratefully received.

Now I think I have to Red Bull up if I'm not to lose this bet with you all tomorrow (it helps that I'm as competitive as anything!)

In terms of progress: I now know more than I did before on sacking pregnant women and I've written 856 words.

*Not strictly true. I had plenty of time because I work fast and I'm lazy, but the PTB decided that we could only learn 7 subjects in a year

**For once

***Also not strictly true****. Ikariam is a very dangerous game once you get into it. In addition, I've been to Sainsbury's*****; made 2 vegetable sauces or stews, not really sure how they should be properly categorised; prepared food for bolognaise; I've also read one fiction book, played solitaire in vegas mode to a loss of -$1800+, sorted out my books, done 3 Sudoku, 2 crosswords and a number puzzle; read the papers (yes, multiple - it's a daily activity); gone to the library******; gone to my syndicate room to look for book; cursed the person who stole the book*******; and, of course, written this blog post, complete with footnotes.

****So by 'strictly' I mean, not very true at all!

***** Twice

******The perfect activity as it makes you feel like you've done work without actually contributing to your word count.

*******Hypocritically, I'm more annoyed because I had intended to steal it over the weekend, first.

1 comment:

Law Minx said...

PS: as a fully paid up member of the Chronic Procrastination Society, I would also suggest that, in addition to your footnoted activities you,

A: Learn a New Language ( the more obscure the better - Sanskrit, I find, Is a very food start)
B: Clean the Kitchen Floor with a Toothbrush.
C:Number the sheets on the New Roll of Loo Paper en le Pissor a la Maison du MsMiddle.

If these VALUABLE tasks arent complete justification for the absolute avoidance of work , then what is?!?!