08 June, 2008

Bad weather report - it's sunny


The weather forecast for Manchester for today has been consistantly predicting drizzle for the last 5 days. That was actually quite useful for me as it meant that I would be less distracted by sunbathing.

Then I get up this morning with bright blue skies and 23C sunshine predicted all day.

Where the hell is Manchester rain when you need it? Dammit.


Law Minx said...

It an unwritten rule of student life that it will only begin to CHUCK it down with rain when you are ACTUALLY planning on relaxing.....!
Have added your blog to my blogroll!! :)

Miss Middle of Manchester said...

Thank you Minxy - I'll return the favour.

The worst thing is that because it is Manchester, I know this is all the summer we're going to get!

Alex said...

Yep. I never realised the difference between Manchester and normal places until I noted my umbrella usage when I worked at the headhunters [in london] october 07 - march 08. I used an umbrella twice. Sorry, but the south really IS better than the north.

Miss Middle of Manchester said...

Although I do notice that Manchester tends to go for the constant drizzle approach whereas areas such as - say - Cheltenham, tend not to rain for ages and then dump it all at once.