29 August, 2008

Virgin trains and retro albums

To be fair, the weekday Manchester <--> London service is normally very good - it takes about 2 hrs 15 mins and you can get some stupidly cheap tickets too.

The weekend is normally much worse with the same journey taking 3hrs 30 mins upwards. Quite often, the journey is via Birmingham - something I can never quite make sense of.

during engineering works, the routes, understandably, take longer still.

The Law Firm (I can't remember what I said I was going to call them) sent me an e-mail about induction today and have booked me into a hotel in London as I'm there for two nights (which was nice, I would have assumed I would have had to book hotels myself :)).

Unfortunately, my parents are up this weekend and I now need to catch the train to London on Sunday evening (so will be bustling them out of the door at 6pm... They don't know this yet.) to be at Law Firm's offices on the Monday morning.

How can it be considered a good idea to send a train between the first and second cities of Britain where a: you can't buy a single ticket for the whole journey, but instead have to buy two tickets - one for each part - and send it via Doncaster. This means, I think, that I can't buy a normal return ticket.

Life is really too short. No wonder people drive.

Oh, the retro album in the title? I'd forgotten how much I love the Stereophonics Performance and Cocktails. Sheer awesomeness.


Al said...

Agreed, as I may have mentioned before, I am on the verge of buying a car - despite wanting to be green - simply because the train services are so rubbish and, especially, expensive.

I'm not a big fan of the Stereophonics but there are a couple of their more recent songs I like: Dakota and Devil Angel, I think it's called.

Klairi said...

I so agree! I always get stuck with the weekend schedule as I tend to fly back on the last minute (=Sundays) and it's cheaper to fly to London and take the train... the last time was horrific 3,5h to Birmingham and then 1,5 or smth to Manchester.

Was barely alive when finally arrived:S

Mr Pineapples said...

You poor old thing...

Having to live in Manchester !

Must be hell. Hemmed in by Northerners.

How do you cope living in that God-Forsaken place?

P admires you - He really does.

Miss Middle of Manchester said...

Klairi - that's beyond ridiculous. Admittedly, when I moan it's for a 3.5 hr journey, not a 5+ one! You could drive and park in that time....!

Surely there must be cheap flights from Liverpool to East Europe? Far more civilised journeying.

Mr Pineapples:

Beer at £stupidly low per pint

Can walk from one end of the city to the other in under an hour

Property prices

No Ken Livingstone

I can never work out how Londoners cope! (genuinely - I have constant sympathy and bewilderment!)

... La vie est belle....

ps: If you're not a Londoner, I do apologise and politely enquire from whence you come?

Mr Pineapples said...



Beer is cheaper is it? Is that your number one reason for staying in Manchester? Seems a bit sad and a tad 1990s.

Alcohol - is never a good reason for serious minded folk.

And who wants to walk across the city?

Property prices? But noone (apart from you) wants to live there.

Ken Livingstone? Yes you ARE stuck in the 1990s - Ken was booted out months ago.

P is London born - London bred - Bow Bells......(Bow is a place in London.....dawn tha East End).

Do you still wear flares?


Law Minx said...

Performance and Cocktails is a Kick Ass bunch of songs.
But then again, they are Welsh.
And I'm not at ALL biased.

Miss Middle of Manchester said...

Minxy - I can't see how you coiule possibly be biased...!

Mr P: You've not actually been up to Manchester in the last 5 years/ever, have you? I therefore kindly extend an invitation to you to visit and be educated...

(ps: I am assuredly an unseriously minded folksperson)

Mr Pineapples said...

Miss Muddle - Yes P has been to Manchester twice this year. Court cases.

P went to China Town.

Honest-Ta-Gawd - P couldnt find a sensible menu anywhere.

Bleedin' Awful place.

Come to London - come to Temple and P will treat you to Lunch at Inner.

Only Kiddin'

Al said...

The best thing about Manchester is probably the cost of living (and the nightlife, if you like that sort of thing). But the weather is so bad it can't really fully make up for it. I'd love to live somewhere that had a snowdome though (as Manchester does).

Miss Middle of Manchester said...

Mr P-

Next time, try Red Chilli. It's a small cellar restaurant off Portland Street.

One of the things I enjoy most when I visit Inner is that a former member was Sir Samuel Danks Waddy. The immature giggle just never stops. :-)

Al, somehat shamefully, I've not been to the snow dome yet...! Admittedly, also only visit John Ryland's library for the first time at the weekend!