18 August, 2008


I think these two article from the Economist give the best analysis of the situation, that I've read.

This one focuses more on the regional consequence

This one on the internal consequences.

I find the latter more interesting, with a far more balanced and non-poarised view than anything else I'v read so far.

Overall, however, I stand with my opinion that when a nuclear country invades its poor, weak neighbour against the wishes of that neighbour without Jus ad Bello, there's only one way that this'll play on the world stage.

If you're grown up enough to be playing with nukes, you should be grown up enough to stop acting like a petulant child who throws a tantrum because the world is no longer in the 'good old days'. Whilst both parties have some blame in this matter, Russia as the 'world power' and a long established state surely had far more responsibility. Georgia was silly for letting herself get sucked in but Russia really shouldn't have provoked it all in the first place.

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