04 August, 2008

Bad news

Didn't get the pupillage in Preston.

Most upset.


Law Minx said...

I fully sympathise, Miss M; its a rotten feeling to have your dream snatched from you when you can almost reach out and grab it, especially after all the hard work and expense of the BVC. You're probably thinking to yourself , "what does the rotten SWINE who was successful have what I dont"??, a feeling probably made a bit worse by chambers lack of transparency on this front.
The only thing to do is draw positives; you more than likely beat off HUNDREDS to get an interview, and Chambers certainly likes the cut of your Jib, so there is nothing to stop you applying next year to them, if no one floats your boat in the
Autumn season.
You are a wonderfully bright lively and intelligent woman and you'll most DEFINATELY get to where you want to be with respect to a career at the Bar, of that Im CERTAIN.
Big GIANT Hugs, Chicken Soup, Cream Cakes, Chocolate, Pudding Wine, Warm Jim Jams and a Nice Small Box of Tissues that smell wonderful and dont make your nose go red.....! :)

Miss Middle of Manchester said...

Thank you Minxy/

Am drowning sorrows in a manner I will no doubt regret tomorrow....

And yes, positively loathe whoever they gave it to.

Too upset tonight to phone them for feedback, will do so tomorrow. Suspect the way I answered their questions was at fault - hope it wasn't anything else.

Lawminx said...

.... When you ask them for feedback, dont let them pass you off with tired platitudes along the lines of " the standard was extraordinarily high , this year" yadayadayada; that just makes their discomfort easier when dealing with those they have declined. You want an honest to Gods appreciation of what you did right as well as what you did wrong - how else are we all supposed to learn otherwise??

LegallyGinge said...

If your feedback is a bit generic why not note down the questions and your answers and ask the "mock interview" giver at your insitution where he suspects you may have gone right or wrong for future reference.