01 August, 2008


I want one of these cleaning robots so much!

ps: does anyone know how to get a video into a post if you don't upload it from you computer?


Law Minx said...

Im SURE that I've seen these things bieng flogged on QVC at quite a reasonable price, I believe (Damn! I've just admitted to watching QVC - at least I havent admitted to going there to shop for Joan Rivers or Kirks Folly Jewellry - DAMN!!!!)
How did your pupillage interview go?? Well, I hope! :)

Miss Middle of Manchester said...


re: interview. Not heard back yet. As one of my friends said: they either haven't made a decision, or I'm on the reserve list.

Really wish they'd hurry up though, it's making me very nervous.

Oh well, have a paralegalling interview in just over an hour....