18 August, 2008

Paralegal position

Got the paralegal position I applied for a while ago.

Am very happy indeed!


Android said...

Awesome! Congrats! :)))

Was it directly or through an agency? What are of practice is it?

Miss Middle of Manchester said...

They had an advert up on the totallylegal.com website so I sent in my CV and an hour later got an interview. They've just taken a little while to get back to me (but been very good about keeping me updated, so not annoyed).

Firm is a mid-sized commercial city firm but I'll be working from their Manchester base. I don't intend to blog about them in any detail (as I'm quite sure it wouldn't be popular and would prefer to be safe than sorry) but from henceforth, they will be known as 'The Firm' in John Grisham style - just hopefully, without the mafia.

Job is in the public regulatory group, the Manchester office has one major client - a professional body (now, in blogsphere, "the PB") - so I'll be working for them. From my point of view it sounds really interesting. Especially as part of it will be helping the PB in hearings against the people it regulates.

Worst case scenario is I end up filing all the time which is unlikely, but even if it happened, it's what I'm doing now for a very low wage and so would be doing same work, for a better wage. Go figure.

Swiss Tony said...

Hey, well done Middly. As a bonus, its only a fill in stop gap measure until the pupillage comes along.


Miss Middle of Manchester said...


Thank you! Plus, I take comfort in the fact that if I don't get pupillage, I might well be able to get a training contract out of it if I like them and they like me.

With luck, win-win situation....

Law Minx said...

Congratulations Ms M!!! :) This will look wonderful on your CV!!