04 September, 2008

Apologies, Update and Compliment

Sorry about the lack of posts recently. I didn't have personal internet in London and didn't feel right to use Law Firm's computers. The job is going well and I'm very much enjoying it so far, everybody seems very nice - though there aren't any men in our office, which is slightly odd! Too broke to afford a real laptop so the Asus EEE is looking more and more tempting...

Charon has been most helpful if you want to stay updated on legal blog: Here

Right, I'm off to get dressed and mourn my cold as I have 'freshers flu' from meeting new people. Damn my crap immune system.


Al said...

You see what happens when you have a job? It can really screw up blogging!

Miss Middle of Manchester said...

Evidently, I'll have to stop working!

Or by a new computer. The other trouble is that we currently only have 1 so if The Boy is playing, I can't use it to blog...!