28 September, 2008


Bleugh, just spent the last week watching 1 public debating, debating in another, doing a sponsored legal walk, cleaning the house (which was so bad it was toxic), starting my OLPAS form, finishing my OLPAS form and applying to various other chambers.

Hence the lack of blog posts.

Having substituted dinner (evening meal, not lunch - see what being up North for too long does to my wariness of the casual use of possibly misleading vocab?) for alcohol on 4 days of the seven my figure is loving my but I'm pretty sure my liver is in a sulk. Working on the principle that if I'm happy, my body is happy. My body includes my liver. Wine makes me happy. Somehow, I just dont think it's going to wash...

At the hearing the other day and was in the lawyers room chatting with the barrister I was supporting and another barrister who was in there. We were talking about pupillages and how they used to be very unspecialised and how that had changed - aparently becase of the demand from solicitors for 'experts' in a given area of law. From my point of view, which they agreed with, it seems utterly silly to ask a person who has done between 2-4 years of law which are of law they wish to specialise in until the end of time in 150 words on a pupilage application form. 95% of people won't have a clue - oh, we all knpw there are some areas we really enjoy and others which we hate, but for the in-between bits 'who knows/cares' probably sums it up. For the rare 5% who know whaich area they want to do because they are passionately in love with it, 150 words is hardly enough.


nought.point.zero said...

They could make it simpler by just getting you to rank the following three things in order of importance to you: 1) money 2) job satisfaction 3) ease of getting into

Then they could assign you to corporate, crime or tax accordingly and no one would have to read or write any silly essays.

Miss Middle of Manchester said...

Ha ha - I read it out to the barrister I was sitting with and he laughed :)

Very true though