05 September, 2008

Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose

Well, I have thoroughly enjoyed my first week at Law Firm - though I'm still constantly asking what I know are stupid and inane questions, but everyone is too polite to tell me!

The work is more interesting than I expected (no filing OR photocopying - I'm in heaven!) though I find billing very complicated and I'm sure I'm not doing it right!

The other people in my office are obsessed with food - which is wonderful as it means there is always nice food about. (I was about to end that paragraph on an exclamation mark too, but then I recalled what Terry Pratchett has written about people who over use them....).

The Boy has just bought a new computer game, Spore, which looks awesome - but has the unfortunate effect of him monopolising the computer.

I would comment on something interesting and current affairs related, but to be honest, I picked up one of the random copies of the Economist which lie around the house and read it for 20 mins before realising that it was several months old. Shows how little has changed in the world. We have conflict in the Balkans, the US elections (funnily enough, though I disagree with Palin on virtually every issue, I very much like her as a candidate), flood warnings... I blame it all on the silly season (or end of).

Oh.... Ugly Betty restarting....

Au revoir, mes petites choufleurs


Law Minx said...

Glad to see you're settling into the new job! No Photocopying OR Filing?! Sounds like heaven indeed!! :))
Hope you are over your freshers 'flu ( you know what they say - feed a cold, starve a fever! With all that lovely food about I expect you've done just that!! :) )

Miss Middle of Manchester said...

Damn, so my 'pickle the virus in alcohol' approach isn't an option?!

Al said...

Let us know what he thinks of Spore, I'm intrigued by it but also confused as to where the 'fun' bit of it is. I'm suspicious that it could be a bit too educational. (No danger of learning anything from Guitar Hero, my current game of choice)

Miss Middle of Manchester said...

Spore is excellent. I started playing at 830 this morning. After what I thought was an hour of playing, I got up and looked at the clock- turned out it was two thirty! No or little educational value at all- definitely worth getting! X

Al said...

Apparently there's a DS version coming out, if it's half decent I'll get it.

(I know the PC version will probably be better but I would want to play it on the commute)