28 December, 2007


Well, just arrived in Thailand yesterday after a fairly long, but good, flight. I do recommend Swiss for future travel!

It's fairly hot here (35C) but not horrific and all the dorms (more like hotels!) have AC. The campus is beautiful- even makes Koc look normal.

All the adjudication briefing stuff seems normal.

We're definitely not debating Indian nukes, drugs in sport of circumcism as they were all used in the judges briefing.

More to follow.

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Alex said...

I shall be doing my customary obsessive blog reading during the next few days to keep an eye on the teams I know. There's even a facebook group for updates for the folk back home http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=6407639217

It's almost as if some debaters out there are obsessive and geeky, which is completely unexpected.

ps-I forget, are you debating with Rosie or James?