16 December, 2007

Birmingham IV

This weekend was the Birmingham IV. The MDU sent 4 teams and 3 judges (who were wonderful for responding to an emergency call for judges!). The tab has not yet been released so I don't know how everyone did exactly, will update when I have more information!

What I do know:

Manchester BM (Dan B and Chellsie) did excellently in breaking to the semis.
Manchester FP (Kenny and Ciaran) managed to get into the top room for round three.

The motions were:
Round 1: THW ban music which glorifies violence
Round 2: THW co-operate with Hamas
Round 3: THW nationalise Northern Rock
Round 4: THW halt expansion of the EU
Round 5: THBT parents who have had a child taken into care should be stopped from having any more children
Semi: THW support the police's right to strike (in the UK)
Final: THBT juries should have to give reasons for their verdicts

The IV was won by Galway (second op) after a two hour adjudication. Apparently, on the first call virtually all the judges had different calls on 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th so they instantly knew it was going to take a while!

The final was held in the Barber institute which is an art gallery on the Birmingham campus. I've got to say, I'm a fan of having finals in nice places, I think it marks them out which is nice. The 'three course meal' was less good this year. Last year they'd hired a big room on the university and got caterers in. This year it was in a local student bar where everyone had to eat in two sittings. Hmmm. Perhaps they'll return to staff house next year.

More to follow when the tab is out.


Alex said...

Just seen the tab. Wow, congrats! Who was in the final?

Liz Ford said...

Thank you! Very happy :)

It's a good ego boost before worlds.

Wasn't quite sure on how to report my own progress on this blog, hence the absence! At World's there'll be at least daily updates, I hope.

For those who are interested the tab can be found here: http://www.britishdebate.com/calendar/event.asp?e=417

The final was:
1p: Cambridge A
1o: Middle A (myself and James)
2p: ULU A (JLM and Paddy)
2o: Galway

Slightly annoying to have been beaten on a law motion (!) but we both knew too much and so didn't analyse everything to death. Oooops.