30 December, 2007

Results R1-6

For reference: ULU is JLM and Paddy, Middle A is Fred and Ali, Middle B is Myself and James and Inner are Nye and Rob.

Sam and Adam (Cam A) were on 15 at the end of round 5 (ie: straight firsts), I don't know the result for round six yet.

Day 1 was rubbish for Middle B as we had two really rubbish calls. In the first room James was extending, feedback was 'good new points, new examples and nwe analysis but you didn't adequately flag it as an extension, therefore you came 3rd'. Some what annoying, but at least the judge was competant on the rest of the feedback.

In round 2 we also took the third in a decision so horrendous we complained to the CAs and were given competant judges for round 3 (1st).

Round 1 motion was THW allow the use of torture. We were second op.
Round 2 motion was THBT Taiwan should declare independance now. We were first prop.
Round 3 motion was TTHW not allow local government pay for the relocation of homeless people. We were first op.

R3 went slightly crazy as 1p were from Korea and talking about homeless as in 'mass migration with people with handcarts' whereas the rest of us were talking about the man with his dog outside the railway station. Oh well!

Day 2 has gone a lot better, but we're just not had any 'lucky' calls. We took a 1st and two seconds but on each of the seconds missed out by only one speaker mark. Little frustrating! The judging hasn't been crazy though, just unlucky.

motions for today have been

R4: THW allow defendants to have government lawyers only (2nd Prop, took the 2nd but we'd been put in a bit of a corner by 1p)
R5: THW only provide EU aid to countries which persued environmentally friendly policies (Second prop, came first)
R6: THW put more restrictions on foreign political donations than domestics ones (defined as in the US). We were first op and took a second.

In terms of other teams:
ULU are on a solid 15
Middle A (I believe) are on 13
Middle B are on 12
Inner Temple are now, unfortunately, out of the break having just taken a 4th and a 3rd in the last two rounds.

It's speculated that straights (18) may not be enough to break. I'm more inclined to the 'top 4-5 on 18 will berak' view. If Sam and Adam continue to meteor up, this'll be more likely.

We're idly speculating the chance of Sam and Adam get 27 but then not getting through the octos. Ahem. :)

This is a terribly geeky post, information about the tournament as a whole will be posted next.


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