30 December, 2007

The non-tab geeky worlds post

Well, the dorms are lovely and the campus makes Koc look bad (Koc being lovely but this being something else!). It is an officially dry campus, but a decent amount of free alcohol is being provided.

The two main issues are food (improving) and timings.

Day one was massively behind. Having been at breakfast at about 7:30-08:00, they ran the tab nearly two hours behind schedule.

Today has run more on time (in the end, less than an hour off) but there was a lot of waiting around. One of the benefits of being on a capmus should be the ability to go back to the dorm for a couple of hours or go on the internet. The problem is that they tell a time and so people go and are then left to wait for ages. This morning was less their fault, they were waiting for teams to arrive.

To be honest, when it comes to late teams I have only a limited amount of sympathy. When it comes to late teams on a campus, I have none. If you say you'll run at 9:30, you do a campuswide announcement at 9:15 over the PA system that you will run in 15 minutes and if people aren't there, it's their problem.

Their tone today suggests tomorrow will be much stricter.

Food at lunch for the first two days was sparse and inedible. Luckily, the cafes etc are stupidly cehap so not really a problem. Today it was apparently much better. Dinner tonight was wonderful, for the first time they served Thai food rather than western food and it's a much better idea. Thai food tastes nice, tends to suit a range of tastes and frankly, they should be good at it!

In terms of alcohol, there is a lot of beer (they're sponsored by singha!) and, more importantly in my view, non-beer alternatives. Ok, they're E-number alco-pops, but they taste fine :). Swiftly spreading rumours of a dry break night were categorically scotched this afternoon, though rumours that they are going to run out of bottle water are increasing.

The 7/11 down the road is fulfilling the role played by the alcohol hut down the hill at Koc. Long may it last!

A more fun rumour is that the final prize isn't just supported/sponsored by the King, but may be presented by him. I'll be at the airport by then, unfortunately so will have to find out like everyone else!

Ok, off to sleep now as tomorrow looks to be hard work and then Worlds Council the next day. Joy of joys.


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Alex said...

I can never fully enjoy *non*-tab geeky posts, as much as tab-geeky posts, sadly. But anyway, bad luck about your dodgy calls, remember though, the break is still in your hands if your rock day 3. Fingers crossed. al.