23 April, 2009

OLPAS timetable

Crap. I have logged in and filled in the bits about name and address, but haven't actually got round to any of the rest of the form.

That would seem ok (given that we have a week) except that I'm out to dinner tonight, spending the weekend at a debating competition in Newcastle and I have a training session after work on Monday.

12 OLPAS applications in 3 days? (well, in 9-12 hours ass I have a crazy thing called work to do the rest of the time).



Pupilpedia said...

training session?

nought.point.zero said...

Yep, work is a bit of a time extinguisher. There's a question in a questionnaire thing in Saturday's Guardian magazine where they ask celebs "what single thing could improve your quality of life?" and I often think my answer would be "more hours in the day"

Miss Middle of Manchester said...

The Firm has training sessions every few months on a variety of things - usually either updating us on recent law or refreshing our knowledge on basic concepts (such ass drafting charges, for instance).

In this case, it is on time limitations in the context of our cases as well as abuse of process.

Law Minx said...

O Ms Middle! We are in the Same boat! I have to spend time tomorrow ( the whole DAY, actually) with the local Youth Offending Team, so I envisage a couple of VERY late nights to get the whole rotten thing out of the way! You have my most profound sympathies!!!!!!!!