13 April, 2009

Save the Sea Kitten!

On the whole, there is very little I agree with PETA about.

However, credit where it's due, I love this campaign to 'save the sea kittens'.

(My sea kitten is called Dee Dee and has a unicorn horn, a ball of wool and a pink dress. She's one hot salmon!)


Pupilpedia said...

You don't think people should treat animals ethically??

Miss Middle of Manchester said...

I think it's a nice a fluffy thing to do and makes us feel good as a society, and therefore can see some logic in animal protection laws, but I do not think animals have any rights whatsoever.

I can't see any logical argument that explains why it should be innately wrong to kill, say, a puppy, but that it's just fine and dandy to deliberately attempt to exterminate whole species in any given area (mosquitos or rats, for example) or to breed animals to eat.

However, my main dislike of PETA is that they are crazy fundamentalists bred from the same vein as religious or political fundamentalists.