18 April, 2009

New addition to blogroll

Pupilpedia's blog has now been added to the blog roll.

I firmly believe he needs a new name (and PP just doesn't sound good out loud). Perhaps on the PP theme, I want to call him Pingu (no, I don't know the link either - it's just a worrying insight into my mind. Take an aspirin, it'll be over soon!).



simply wondered said...

given the post title, i just read the blogroll. i went to cranmer. out of interest, why the link?

Miss Middle of Manchester said...

He's a little crazy, but has some interesting articles on there when he hasn't got OCD about something.

Religious/political news tends to interest me, and he's good at specialising on that.

Pupilpedia said...

Why Pingu?! And Miss Middle of Manchester is quite a mouth full you know. In a good way obviously.

Miss Middle of Manchester said...

I just think it suits you!

I tend to get abbreviated to MMM, MMoM or Missy so I'm already sorted :)

Pupilpedia said...

You're that tasty that you get shortened to Mmm?! Goodness. And I look nothing like Pingu, and I certainly don't sound like him.

Miss Middle of Manchester said...

Pingu, just for you:http://www.youtube.com/user/pingu?blend=1&ob=4

Pupilpedia said...

I feel that I am closer to this


Whilst you are closer to this


Miss Middle of Manchester said...

The child catcher!? Shame! Shame!

Jimmy could suit you though :)