05 May, 2009

OLPAS score 5.5.09

As I stayed up until 2 am on the original deadline date to finish my apps (falling asleep on the computer) I was both pleased and disappointed that the deadline was subsequently extended. By the time I fell asleep, I had done 8 applications. Luckily, I started with the ones I wanted the most as the final ones were not good!

The next day I was at a hearing which meant I did not have any internet access - hence what was for me the relative forward planning in finishing the majority the night before.

Midmorning, I then received a text from a friend telling me the deadline had been extended until the next day. I was then told that my hearing was adjourning until the next day to allow time for decisions to be made, so I went back to the office and filled in two more applications following recommendations from people in the office.

My slight disappointment with the deadline extension is therefore the idea that of the eight applications I originally made, I could have filled in the last 4 far better if I had not been so tired when typing - knowing about the extension earlier would have meant I would have left them for the next morning.

So, the OLPAS score currently stands at: 10 apps sent, 1 print off, 9 nil responses

1 comment:

Law Minx said...

After all the initial system crashes following the launch of te new system the very lEAST Pupillages.com could do was extend the deadline for submission- but even THEN this was largely a self serving move on their part designed to prevent further embarassment while they tinkered in their words with " a minor technical upgrade" WHY am I suddenly seized by the uncomfortable feeling that all my apps have entered the twilight zone?!
Seriously, though, well done you on getting in all your apps when you were sooooo time pressured - and I'll bet that they are all FABULOUS!!