06 May, 2009

OLPAS clearing

What are you all doing re: the OLPAS clearing application when it comes to the various mini essays?

I can change many of mine to be fairly generic, but am currently unsure what to do about the 'why this chambers' section.

Provisionally, I have just written 'CLEARING' in the box and left it at that - but my clearing form isn't yet submitted so can change.

Other approaches?


Law Minx said...

I kept mine generic, Ms Mids, whilst broadening my areas of practice interest. I personally can't see how it could really be specific, to be honest,while also keeping the 'why this chambers' bit very general.
I've already submitted mine - I thought you had to, in line with the overall deadline! Say it ain't so, because I would have given it more thought than I did!! O noooo!!!

Miss Middle of Manchester said...

I understood clearing to happen after the main cycle had closed - and there is a button on my form saynig 'submit a clearing application' so I think you might have been very well organised and got yours in early, but I think we can still submit them

Law Minx said...

Naw, Ms Mids - not organised at ALL,just desperate and not a bit panic stricken!!!!

Pupilpedia said...

I put n/a in my box. Stupid pile of rubbish. Why don't they think things through?! Mine was all fairly generic anyway. I identified three areas of law I liked,and said general civil for the area of practice. Can you see any chambers looking though clearing applications though? It is very odd.