30 April, 2008

OLPAS and the final two choices...

Doing OLPAS applications at the moment.

Not all chambers are in OLPAS, 4 in Manchester, 2 in Liverpool, 4 in Leeds... and you get to apply to twelve.

Is it worrying that I'm filling up the final two spaces on my form by just applying to London chambers which have taken on debaters that I know and like?

For each set you apply to, you have to write 150 words saying 'why them'. Unless a person has done a mini-pupillage at a particular set, there's really not a lot more to write. "I want to apply to you because you are in the area of the country I want to stay in, do the areas of law I want to do and I figure you might just give me a pupillage" doesn't quite cut it.

Surely it would be far more realistic for people to list the 12, but only have people write anything if they've done a mini there (and that could be done by ticking a box, to be honest).

Yet another way the BVC-pupillage-tenancy system could be improved....

Q:How many members of the Bar Council does it take to change lightbulb?

A: Change?!


Android said...
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Android said...

Hehe, I like the joke :)

In relation to nicknames, I thought you might like these links:



Swiss Tony said...

Miss Middle, Good old Andropov led me to your site, and I just wanted to say hi, and that I have enjoyed what I have read so far on your blog.

Not much time at the moment to read it all but I will be back.

Keep on trucking.


Miss Middle of Manchester said...

Dear Swizz,

I'm delighted that you enjoy the blog! I do hope to meet your expectations!

Miss Middle