10 April, 2008

Christians v Google

Pornography (name your type), pro-anorexia websites, the UK's top 240 dogging locations, how to building a bomb, why [insert group of people here] aren't as human as the rest of us, holocaust denial, libel, BDSM tips, illegal downloads, westlife fansites... Google, we usually assume, has it all. It does not censor on the grounds of sexism, racism, homophobia or any other -ism or -phobia a Canadian equity policy would define as 'bad'.

It does, however, have one exception. If you are atheist, secular, irreligious or agnostic your (paid for) views on abortion are welcome. The one group google won't accept money from for the adverts which it uses to make a profit? Any religious group commenting on abortion. Apparently, the logic behind this is that religious views on abortion are automatically 'non-factual'. Leaving aside this assertion for one moment, since when has Google only accepted money for adverts from 'factual' organisations? And why is abortion a special case?

The Christian Institute are now suing Google on the grounds of religious discrimination.

More here. Thanks to Cranmer.

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