18 April, 2008

Drafting exam

I have a drafting exam today.

Now, I'm slightly wierd in that I actually quite like exams. I don't like revision and I get horribly nervous in the hour or two beforehand, but once I'm in there, it's quite good fun.

Drafting is an open book exam, which means no actual revision is needed. So you get all the 'fun' bit of a normal exam, without half the bad bits :)

The only problem is, I don't actually like drafting :( On the up side, it seems to be a subject which simply measures how good you are. I know one friend who wrote almost nothing, but got a very good mark, because she is very good at filtering our irrelevent material. I think a lot of people tend to knowledge dump in exams and this time they get heavily penalised for doing that.

Well, given I have a tendency to walk out of exams (finished) in about a third of the time allowed, let's hope I enjoy it this time as well.


Android said...

Did anyone leave before the end?..

Liz Ford said...

No, no-one did.

And I think lots of people took the fact I didn't leave as a bad sign about the exam in general.

I don't think I've done especially well, but not done badly.

Was very glad I borrowed that dictionary though!