19 April, 2008

How would you plan a terrorist attack?

Seeing as when I'm bored I occasionally sit and wonder how I would blow up wherever I'm sitting (train, theatre, shopping arcade...) I found this article quite interesting.

Levitt suggests random snipers, all over the country, on the grounds that (in the US) it's easy to get guns and there would be widespread terror.

I would argue any similar attack should focus partly on suburbia and partly on financial and transport hubs. The suburbia is to reinforce the 'we attack everyone' message so people don't silently exclude themselves as 'we don't catch the train/go into banks/live in a big city'. Given that guns are significantly more difficult to get hold of the UK, I'm not sure what would be better.

Macabre subject, maybe. That said, thought?

(ps: for those of you who are friends with me on Facebook, here is a link to the answers I got when I originally asked the question)


kenny said...

Liz, sometimes I worry about you. That said it would be bloody effective

Liz Ford said...

I've discovered the one thing more scary than a group of debaters discussing this subject. A group of engineers discussing it instead.

Where we just look at targets and the likely psychological impact, they've get into details like what material causes the biggest 'bang'.