10 April, 2008

Exams, OLPAS and other complaints

Exams are actually killing me :(

I have my first one tomorrow (civil litigation MCT (multiple choice test)), I then have a family thing in Kent all weekend arriving back late Sunday, followed by an advocacy exam on Monday (in which I failed my mock) and drafting on Friday.

Slightly concerned on a number of counts. Firstly, I'm trying to read less than 10 pages on disclosure but keep zoning out, it's taken me over three hours! Ridiculous. I keep on doing short procrastinating activities between paragraphs (such as blog posting) hoping that it will help my concentration in the next paragraph to have had a break. Turns out that's not the case!

My second concern is that my institution puts up online MCT questions for us to practise with. When I did them before my mock (score: 63%), I was getting 70-80% on average. One month later, with more revision under my belt, doing the same questions (!) I'm getting only 50%. This isn't good :(

Not helped by other people in the same position as me don't seem to be worrying! And this individual is usually crazily hard working (in the good way!). Oh dear, oh dear!

On top of that, OLPAS (the pupillage version of UCAS) closes in three week's time and my application is only bare bones.

Feel I'm quietly crashing and burning which is mildly concerning. Hope I don't crash out until half way through May, but not sure I'm going to last that long!

Anyway, sorry about the long list of complaints, nothing to do with debating, I just had a strong need to vent.


Android said...

Advocacy on Monday??!! That's horrible! At least mine is not until Thursday. :p

Android said...

P.s. We're all going to laugh about this in a couple of weeks :)

Liz Ford said...

We're going to be drunk in a couple of weeks!