16 November, 2008

Botswana Worlds bid 2011

When I first heard of the Botswana Worlds bid for 2009 I thought it was a little crazy. Whilst I would have liked to visit Botswana (blame Alexander McCall Smith), it was almost impossible to get to (flights into Jo'Berg or Harare - neither is particularly appealing), would cost the earth to travel to and the debating base in Botswana and the surrounding area didn't seem strong enough to pull in the judges. For 2009, I don't think they sufficiently addressed these concerns and so Cork won the bid instead.

For 2010, Botswana bid again, this time against Singapore and Turkey. Most people thoguht the competition would be between the latter two, but Singapore's bid was rejected fairly quickly. Possibly because we were in Thiland at the time (with the huge cost of flights that entailed) and because (whilst I wasn't there, I have been told that) the last Singapore worlds was pretty boring.

Turkey/Koc had just run the most amazing Euros labelled by many as the best ever, so it isn't so surprising that they took the win in this even, but Botswana's bid was certainly far better this time around.

Now, it turns out that Botswana is bidding for Worlds again. Thir bid is still in a reasonably early stage, but on the basis of what they have on their website, it certinaly seems stronger than in previous years and I can genuinely see it being far more successful this year. They have tackled the travel problem by pointing out the options and saying that they will facilitate those. In addition, the psat two years has given time for debating to develop more in the region giving them a stronger argument on the judging front.

Given that North America is out because of Vancouver's costing problems leading to no alcohol and USA's drinking laws, given Europe will have hosted it twice, I think they could be in for a chance. If a sounds instittution such as Sydney bid for it then there would be a case for it going btack to Australia, or if Qatar put in a bid then again, there would be competition, but in the absence of that - I hope that they are home and dry.

I wont have a vote as I am not on the council, but best of luck to Botswana this year and I hope they do win their bid for 2011.


nought.point.zero said...

I agree, could be time to give them a chance. At least they've proven that their keen to do it. And I can't say Qatar sounds that amazing anyway (I am not a fan of the Arabian peninnsular).

Miss Middle of Manchester said...

I chose Qatar largely on the grounds that Qatardebate would seem to illustrate that there is a great deal of support for debating.

I wonder, if an Australian institution did bid for Worlds against Botswana, they still suffer from the fact that for most of the world (particularly Europe, which has more votes) they are difficult to get to.

Fingers crossed for Botswana, is all I can say.