12 November, 2008

Amazon (rant)

As I had recieved money for my bitrhday with the instruction to spend it on books, I decided to poodle along to Amazon as I had a fair idea of what I wanted as was sure it would be cheaper (it was).

When it came to shipping, I typed in my home address figuring that even if I wasn't there, it would be delivered to the Royal Mail depo which is around the corner and I could pick it up later, after work, or at the weekend as the dep it a 5 minute walk from my house with heavy books, as opposed to a 35 minute walk.

Turns out Amazon doesn't use Royal Mail, but a courier company who is based in Warrington. 23 miles from Manchester. The courier company phone me and say they haven't been able to deliver the package (note that this is not a criticism of the couriers - yet) and that they would hold it for 5 days before returning it.

Having been told where they are based, I ask their opening hours. 9-6, Monday through Friday. That's no use to any person who either
(a) works normal hours not in Warrington
(b) doesn't own a car and so can't drive to their depo

They said they would normally leave the package with a neighbour. Unfortunately, I live in a secure block of flats which means people cannot get access without being let through and there wouldn't be a neighbour with whom it could be left, anyway. I ask if they could redirect it to my place of work.

They can only do that with Amazon's permission. I couldn't find any way of contacting Amazon through their website so I can't change that.

Luckily, the Boy's sister and her partner live in the same block of flats and the couriers were nice enough to let me re-direct to them. The package should be delivered today or tomorrow.

Fingers crossed, eh?


Law Minx said...

OOO was it your birthday too recently?!?! Hiipo birdie!!! :))
Amazon are a regal pain in the ARSE - I've just been charged a truly EXTORTIONATE sum of money for dellivery of three books from a depot that is literally 10 mins drive away from me - and when I asked if I could pick them up in person they told me no! WHY?!?!? Are they very Jobsworth?!?!

Miss Middle of Manchester said...

I take it by the 'too' that you are also one year more beautiful and wiser?

I wish Amazon made it clearer where the depos were and who they are using. Or have a 'redirect after sending' button....!

Swiss Tony said...

Missy, I think Minxy was referring to Andropov having a Birthday, and I don't want to get drawn into any debate on Minxy's youth and/or beauty!

Couldn't you have had the books delivered to work?

Lets hope they get there OK.

Happy belated birthday


Miss Middle of Manchester said...

Well, the delivery firm are completely forgiven as they duly delivered the books to the Boy's sister the day after I phoned them...

Now to settle down to a truly intellectual weekend :)