21 November, 2008

The Barristers (part 2)

I've just watched the second episode of the Barristers and it made me miss dining quite a lot as I always really enjoyed it (perhaps I'm odd in that regard?). I do like seeing Middle Temple on there though - and I did like that they interviewed the porter (who holds a special place in my heart for letting us park the MDU mini bus there for a weekend instead of paying extortionate London car parking charges. Brick court went BMW, porsche, audi, 25 year old decrepit minibus with chipped paint and no brakes, porsche, mercedes....Well, you get the picture. Raise the tone of the neighbourhood, we did not!)

How on earth did that guy get pupillage (I can't remember his name). Having sat down over the last week with various people and chatted about the programme, we were all sure he wouldn't.

Without wanting to be unkind to all of the candidates, I do hope that the programme doesn't show everyone succeeding as it would somewhat undermine the 'only 1 in 5...beware....BEWARE!!!!!' statistics and would make it inconsolably unrealistic.

Put it all down to insane jealousy.

Thought the post-interview rejection feedback was very interesting, however, and made me realise that perhaps I did make the right decision on the paralegal front. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy my job quite a lot (though it's pretty intense at the moment on the piles of work front) but when I was offered this job, the same day, I was offered another, non-legal job paying £8000-£10000 per year more. As anyone would find, it was a difficult decision. Ultimately, I decided that I like the atmosphere of Law Firm better than the other place, but when I get my paycheque though, there is always that little bit of doubt lingering....! Had I enjoyed the atmosphere of the other place (having temped there) I might have found the decision much harder and gone the other way - and then watched the feedback given to the applicant tonight with my heart sinking through the floor!

Oh well, back to watching QI.


nought.point.zero said...

If working at your current firm could help your chances of moving on to bigger and better things in law, then you definately made the right decision. It would be pretty rubbish to take the money and then one day get an interview at a chambers and have your dedication to law questioned becuase you're currently working at a non-law-place.

Law Minx said...

Pay the prog no attention Mizz Mids, its not a real world reflection of the profession, and I think everyone knows it; rather its a take on how the bar would like to THINK it treats putative pupils and bar students, and not how it actually does. A bit sad really. And yet I keep watching, in the insane hope that it will get better, somehow!

Miss Middle of Manchester said...

Mr Zero - yep, I agree

Law Minx - I have a theory that just watching it takes me one step closer to pupillage!